Mrs. Julie Williams, Fellow

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I am currently an educational facilities planning expert, behavioral specialist, and recognized MI (multiple intelligences expert) looking for a team to serve (as of 10/01/2013). My work has allowed me to serve architectural firms, CM/PM firms, and school districts across the country and Canada. CEFPI has allowed me to serve a diverse and talented group of people and develop special interests in the facilities planning arena. I am enthusiastically thankful for the mentors and many talented individuals that have shaped me over the years.

Through the support of the Southwest Regional membership, I currently serve on the Board of Directors as the Southwest Region's representative.

I have over 25 years of educational facilities planning experience. My key strengths are in the areas of educational facilities planning, curriculum development, curriculum integration within the facilities planning and design processes, student inclusion programs for K-14 and higher educational institutions, pre-construction coordination, and constructability plan review and client relations/community outreach program integration.

I am a Recognized Educational Facilities Planning professional and recently received a Fellow designation, September 2011. I have served in many leadership positions within the Council during my 25 year membership investment. I am passionate about creating and implementing community partnerships, and actively recognizes the need for communities to have a voice and a place in planning, developing and building community educational environments.