Computer Education: it's not rocket science

By Ronald Hauber posted 07-30-2012 09:01 PM


Computer Education: it's not rocket science (from

30/07/2012 , 1:25 PM by john Thompson-Mills

Computer educationDr Kevin Donnelly was one of the first teachers to introduce computers to a class of Australian school children.

That was back in 1984.

A lot has changed since then and today toddlers are playing with computers for years before they even get to school, most classrooms have computer driven whiteboards and the vast majority of students of all ages have internet access at school and home.

But the big question being asked now is are the children of today better or worse off when it comes to their own brain power ?

Kevin Donnelly has just written a book called “Educating your child’s not rocket science” which he says contains enough evidence to suggest we’re going backwards not forwards in brain development and educational results.  

Kevin Donnelly spoke to 891 Mornings host Ian Henschke about his book.

Listen to the audio here