Head, Heart & Hands; Waldorf Education

By Ronald Hauber posted 12-06-2011 09:19 AM


Is there any interest among cefpi members in Steiner Waldorf education? I would like to connect with other members with experience in planning Waldorf schools so that this method of education gets a mention within Cefpi.

The Steiner method was originally developed by Rudolf Steiner in
Germany in 1919 and adopts a fully-integrated form of education that uniquely focuses on nurturing all aspects of each child in relation to his or her ‘Head, Heart & Hands’. This holistic approach fosters a lifelong love of learning where children become ‘educated for life’. Today, there are over 1,000 schools across 5 continents and over 1,600 kindergartens in 60 countries.

Below is a link to a video introducing a Waldorf School in Silicon Valley: