The National School Shield

By Gregory Monberg posted 04-03-2013 12:16 PM

Interesting reading on The National School Shield Report of the National School Shield Task Force - by Asa Hutchinson, April 2, 2013. This report was funded by the NRA.

In 225 pages that cost the NRA more than $1 million, the report recommended eight target goals to improve school safety, including a 40-60 hour training program for school resource officers and armed school personnel, revisions to state laws allowing personnel to carry guns, improving cooperation between law enforcement officials and schools, giving schools access to online tools on safety policies. The study also proposed making school safety a priority of state educational requirements, increasing federal funding for developing school safety initiatives, turning the “Shield Program” into a permanent group, and creating a pilot program to assess threats and mental health.

Hutchinson guaranteed the report maintained “full independence” from the NRA, saying “there’s no guarantee the NRA will accept these recommendations.” The NRA itself issued a response:  “We need time to digest the full report. We commend Asa Hutchinson for his rapid response in the aftermath of the Newtown tragedy, and we are certain the contributions he and his team have made will go a long way to making America’s schools safer.”