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By Anthony Ansaldo posted 12-17-2012 06:52 AM

It may be that the safety protocols at Sandy Hook worked, and worked well.  It appears at the moment, on what little info we have, that the lock down procedure protected many of the classrooms.  As horrible as it is to think about, without those procedures many more of the classrooms may have been accessed by the killer, with consequential results. 20 children were killed, several hundred were not.   Schools are designed with a heavy emphsis on fire safety, which means you can get out easily.  Every exit is also an entrance. Doors and windows included.  Even if we wanted to convert E occupancy to institutioanal restrained, an I don't think we do, it would take a very very long time.
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12-20-2012 10:04 AM

I agree. There are many stories of teachers at Sandy Hook following procedures they had rehearsed and without a doubt saved many children from the killer. I have heard some very good suggestions as to ways we as facility planners may be able to improve conditions for teachers and students if they find themselves in this type of a situation. I think we need to continue looking for every possible way we can help. Ultimately, it comes down to the vigilance of local school staff to follow established procedures.